One year later, on March 11, 2012, we're honoring lives lost and lives saved in response to the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan. Join us on Sunday to send a message to Japan. Please click here or the logo above to share the banner to spread the word in remembrance.

With 1200+ bloggers that participated in the Bloggers Day of Silence, a San Francisco Charity Benefit, Fizz & Frills, and Utterly Engaged's party the total amount that For Japan With Love" has raised is $73,000+! Which translates to YOU helping 730+ people in need! Every little bit did help. Click here to read a personal thank you letter from ShelterBoxUSA President, Emily Sperling. And below is tearful thank you from Japan.


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THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for the endless and amazing amount of love, your friendship, support, and encouragement, but most importantly, all your giving hearts.


Lucia, Henny & Lydia









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